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What what

Sep. 14th, 2008 | 04:21 am
location: body groove
mood: awake
music: Peaches - Hot Pink Hot Sex (Featuring Gonzales) | Scrobbled by Last.fm

So it's been a bit. I had a blast going out to teekum (?) a forest service road out by the snoqualmie river for Katie's birthday. My favorite people and I had a blast getting drunk in the rain huddling under tarps and smacking one another on their fleshy ass. Drunken excursions were made to and from the river, songs were sung and merriment was had.

I've slowly but surely been getting the bill of material for the various projects I have going on together so I can send them out to be quoted. I actually learned something useful from my last job, I never knew I would be using these purchasing skills for personal use. Hopefully by sending out part lists to the various distributors I'll be able to come up with costs for these projects in a efficient manner instead of calling and getting a quote for each of the 438 parts. I plan on keeping a log of all that is going on with these projects here, hoping that I'll be able to keep organized and complete them. Admittedly this is a bigger project then I'm use to, bending close hangers into varying geometric shapes is more my fortay but I'm always willing to wander.

Quit smoking on August 25, 2008 and so far it's going fairly well. I have to get use to not smoking when drinking alcohol, it's a constant struggle but I did invest in a glass joint/blunt and that's been helping me keep the urges at a minimum. I've also been reading up on A.D.H.D. and what it is and what I can do to deal with all the bullshit that it puts myself and others through. From what I've observed I'm awful when interacting with and listening to others. I've noticed myself neglecting those who I care about and I need to figure out what is going on with my brain so I can get a handle on it. I fear going to school because I know my brain interferes with my success, this annoys me.

Anyway I guess this is it for now.

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Coughing up some blood.

Aug. 9th, 2008 | 07:11 am
mood: indifferentindifferent

First it was just a few specks now its close to a tea spoon. Not much I can do.

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